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Winter here in Central Oregon can be very harsh on both the inside and outside of your vehicle. With all the snow, deicer , cinder , dirt , grime and other contaminants all over the road , I thought I would share some things to make your vehicle maintenance easier this winter.

Exterior surfaces on your car can take a beating from the winters here in Bend , Redmond , Sisters and Prineville. The cinders and deicer chip and eat away at your vehicles paint , chrome , trim , wheels and glass. Whats the best way to combat these issues ? Frequently washing your vehicle by hand with a ph neutral soap is the optimal way . We recommend rinseless washing your vehicle . Check out our youtube video on rinseless washing:

Interior surfaces suffer from cinders , mud , dirt , water saturation and so forth . For interior care here in central Oregon we recommend vacuuming out your vehicle once a month and cleaning your interior surfaces and floor mats every other month or as needed based on the weather . Doing this prevent smells such a mildew and bacterial odors as well as keeps your car looking great ! Hope these tips help!

Shane Mayfield Perfection Plus Auto Salon Redmond Oregon


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