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Different Levels Of Detailing and Detailers

In the auto detailing there seems to be this misconception among consumers that all detailers and detailing are equal . As a 15 year veteran of this industry I can guarantee you that couldn’t be farther from the truth. There a many different levels of detailing and detailers. In this article I’m going to break this down for you .

I’ve said this before , anyone can honestly “detail” a car . Its doesn’t take a degree or years of experience to do basic car cleaning . That’s the exact reason why just about anyone can open a car wash or detail shop , its also the reason you as a consumer need to be cautious on what detailer you choose and educate yourself on what to expect from an educated , experienced detailer .

Lets start with basic detailers and basic details . A basic detailer to me is someone who has less than 5 years professional experience , very minimal time using a polishing tool and minimal knowledge of chemicals , there uses and proper procedures. While they can make your vehicle look good , 99% of the time they are using the wrong product on the wrong material , going as fast as they can to make as much money as they can and don’t take much consideration in making sure your vehicle is detailed safely with proper products, minimal chemicals , and correct protection . They usually offer basic packages and lack the knowledge to properly remove or repair defects . These types of details and detailers are more budget friendly but are not healthy for your vehicles longevity and quite possibly your loved ones. If your vehicle is still full of chemicals when you get it back from the detail and you put your pets , children etc in the vehicle they are being exposed to the off gassing of these products.

Next lets talk about the journey man level detailer and detail shop. At this level your vehicle should be nearly restored back to like new condition , the detailer should be able to perform multi step paint correction with out leaving buffer trails , swirl marks etc in your vehicles finish, they should also have a multi step stain removal process and products to remove specific types of stains . They should have better knowledge of chemicals , there uses , knowledge of types of stains such as protein, tannin , ink etc. They should also offer different levels of protection for your vehicle not just basic waxes or sealants. They should also be IDA certified and have some kind of proper training under there belt. There services are a bit more expensive than the basic detailer but still affordable and you can feel safer knowing that they have safely detailed your vehicle , rinsed any chemicals out of the vehicle etc.

The Master level detailer is rare , even after 15 years in this industry I don’t consider myself a master level detailer. These detailers have unmatched skills, knowledge ,tools and products . They are who everyone is this industry thrives to be . They charge a premium for there details but the results are second to none. This level of detailing and detailer is usually reserved for the higher end of the market . They use premium products , they practice using the least aggressive method to safely clean and protect your vehicle . They always take into account the preservation of your vehicle . They are willing to spend countless hours to achieve the ultimate level of near perfection .

Please choose your detailer wisely , your vehicle is your second largest investment . You should do your research and spend the amount of money necessary to have your vehicle properly detailed and protected.

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