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How to find the right auto detailer for you ….

Everyone loves a new car ….. There’s no doubt about that. But not everyone like the high price tag that comes along with it. Well the next best option is to have your vehicle professionally detailed, but how do you determine a good detailer ? Ill look into this and more in this current blog.

First lets start with what type of detailing your interested in . Are you liking the idea of a mobile detailer coming to your home , working in your driveway on your vehicle or taking it to a shop location ? There are a lot of guys out there offering mobile detailing services because it is low overhead , easy to start up and they can buy products at walmart or local auto parts stores. But is that what you really want ? Although there are a lot of professional mobile detailers as well. We offer both mobile and in shop services for most detailing projects

It is always better to bring your vehicle to a shop location to have your vehicle detailed. Most detailing projects require a controlled environment to properly detail in and cannot be effectively done outdoors.

Next on the list is education and experience. A good knowledgable detailer will have at least 5 years experinece in the field. They should also have some professional training under there belt as well as be certified by the International Detailing Association , They are like ASE certifications for detailers similar to what a mechanic would get for training. Make sure to do the homework , get references and research the detailer your deciding to use. They should be licensed and insured as well.


The answer to this question depends on a few things. First , What kind of usage is the vehicle seeing? Is it your daily driver , kid transporter , workhorse or is it a hobby car? I typically recommend daily drivers be washed every two weeks , vacuumed and wiped down at least once a month , and completely detailed by a professional at least once a year. A lot of our clients utilize our quarterly maintenance detail program here at perfection plus auto detailing. The maintenance package is a membership program setup to have your vehicle detailed inside and out every 3-4 months . It includes basic interior cleaning , vacuuming , spot stain removal , door jams cleaned , floormats cleaned , glass cleaned , vehicle washed and ceramic paint protectant applied as well as wheels and tires and trim cleaned and dressed. Check out these tips form our partners at ceramic pro for maintaining your vehicles interior between detailing’s

What all is in a Complete Detail you ask?

Lets start with the exterior . First a professional detailer will deep clean the exterior of your vehicle using a specific automotive type of soap and a product that removes the microscopic environmental fallout that is sticking to your vehicle . You know that rough feeling on your paint after you wash your car? That’s fallout and it happens to every car on the planet , its caused by all sort of environmental contaminants such as exhaust , acid rain , road grime , these particles are so small yo cant see them with the human eye but they reek havoc on your vehicles paint , clogging its pores so that any protection applied such as wax or ceramic coating will not bond properly without being removed first. We use and iron remover and clay bar treatment to remove these bonded contaminants , its like exfoliating your skin but for your vehicles paint !

Next is wheels and tires , with all the brake dust and other contaminates on your vehicles wheels we deep clean them using a brake dust remover and mild brushes to breakdown the brake dust . Usually to thoroughly clean wheels we pressure wash and deep clean each wheel a minimum of 2 times.

Interior detailing consists of cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces utilizing European dry steam and specialty automotive detailing cleaners for each type of material we are cleaning . In some cases deep extraction shampooing is needed to remove years of dirt and grime embedded in seats and carpets .

After all the cleaning is done , now its time to protect your vehicles surfaces from the elements . We choose to use Ceramic Pro for our interior and exterior protection as it provides durability and longevity in our central Oregon environment. After extensive testing in Redmond , Bend , Sunriver and Prineville and many coatings later we know Ceramic Pro will hold up to our harsh Oregon High desert atmosphere.

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