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Tesla Vehicle Detailing  Services in Redmond, Oregon
Call Us Today To Schedule Your Appointment​ 541-598-6193

All of the Teslas you see cruising Redmond and Bend, Oregon look sleek, but that doesn't mean they don't get dirty in the winter, dusty in the summer, or lose their new car smell over time. 

A Tesla needs to be cleaned, much like any car or truck, but just any old public car wash, at-home technique, or vacuuming process will not do. Instead, call us, the professional vehicle detailing crew here at Performance Plus Auto Salon for your Tesla maintenance! With a combination of interior and exterior vehicle detailing packages and preventative formulas that will help your ride stay clean longer, there really is no comparison found elsewhere.

Public car washes can really cause damage to your exterior paintwork and glass surfaces, in that contaminants left behind by previous vehicles on soft-touch equipment ultimately get rubbed against your surface. Likewise, store-bought interior cleaners and air fresheners can degrade your vehicle’s value as they contain harsh chemicals that negatively impact delicate surfaces and even your health. 


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