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My recent training with one of the best detailers in the world!

Last week I took the opportunity to take some advanced training with Renny Doyle who is one of the top three detailers in the entire world, he offers training in all aspects of detailing from the new detailer who has never touched a polisher to even more advanced , experienced detailers like myself.

We learned some great techniques throughout the week and how to safely clean, polish and protect your vehicle to get it to its maximum potential! I also earned several ceritfications including my certified detailer and skills validated certifications from the International Detailing Association as well as a ceramic protective coatings installer certifications and Flex polisher certifications.

It was a great experience working with a world renowned detailer and honing in my skills and now being able to take those skills , train my employees on them which in turn will translate to even better finished products for you , our clients!!!! Thank you Renny and all of our clients for the business.

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